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Solar Physical Observatory Tamil Nadu

Solar Physical Observatory Tamil Nadu, also known as Kodaikanal Observatory is located in the Palani range of hills, at 7,687 feet.

It is the highest location near Kodai, established in the year 1899. In 1901, the first observations commenced here. The phenomenon of radical motion in sunspots known Evershed Effect was discovered by the former Director John Evershed.

The Kodaikanal Terrestrial Telescope gives a grand panoramic view of Sothupparai Dam, Vaigai Dam, Periyakulam and Varaha river.

This Indian Institute of Astrophysics facilitates an ample and comprehensive Astronomical Science Museum with organized public tours, access to the astronomy library, one of its proud possessions. It has a collection of astronomical literature which is of archival value. The library maintains a skeletal current literature in Solar and Solar Terrestrial Physics.

A 20 cm refractor at the Observatory is used occasionally for cometary and occultation observations and sometimes it’s scheduled to public for night-time telescopic sky viewing

A live solar image and the Fraunhofer spectrum are also presented.

It is open daily to the public during peak season starting from the month of April to the month of June, and a few hours each Friday during the rest of the year

Things todo near Solar Physical Observatory (<50KM):

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