River Noyyal

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River Noyyal

River Noyyal originates from Vellingiri hills in the Western Ghats in Tamil Nadu, south eastern India and drains into the River Kaveri.

River Noyyal

The river’s basin is 180 km long and 25 km wide and covers a total area of 3,500 km2.

The area is known for its scarce rainfall and the development of the Noyyal River Tanks System to hold any overflow from the rains plus the water of the Northeast and Southwest monsoon season was ecologically significant. The 173 km long tributary of the Kaveri River filled 32 tanks. These interconnecting tanks held the water flowing from the Noyyal.

The River and its interconnected tank and canal system, believed to have been originally built by the Chalukya Cholas kings to run an efficient system to provide water transport, storage, and to preserve stable groundwater levels.

Excess water from the river dropped into the canals and it were channelized to the tanks, preventing surplus flooding.

According to the legends “Noyyal” is a sacred river. Its former name was Kanchinadi and later changed to the name of the place where it drains into the Kaveri River in 1750 A.D.

The village named Noyyal is situated at the banks of River Noyyal and River Kaveri where they both merge. An ancient temple to the goddess Sellandiyamman is also situated at this meeting place. This temple belongs to “Karai adi” Kulam people of Kongunadu Vettuva Gounder community.


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