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Karaivetti Bird Sanctuary, It is one of the largest freshwater lakes in southern Tamil Nadu. At least 188 species of birds have been recorded in the sanctuary. It is about 4.537 KM protected area located at Karaivetti village in Ariyalur District of Tamil Nadu, South India and established on April 5, 1999.

Karaivetti bird sanctuary is the biggest water body in the district and attracts hundreds of thousands of birds every year. Karaivetti is a lake fed by the River Kaveri and by rainwater, about 50 km northeast of Tiruchchirappalli town. This freshwater lake is fed by Pullambadi, Kattalal canal.

Important water birds visiting the Karaivetti bird sanctuary includes the high flying Barheaded Goose, long migrants like White stork and White necked Stork, Grey Pelican, Ibis. Sixteen species of Ducks and twenty three Species of Waders have been recorded in the Karaivetti bird sanctuary.

Birds start arriving in November and stay on till May. Population of migratory birds is maximum in the month of January. Upto 50000 birds have been recorded visiting the sanctuary during peak season. Important land birds visiting sanctuary include the Rosy Pastor, Peregrine Falcon, Osprey, Marsh Harrier, Tawny Eagle, etc

A notable aspect of the sanctuary is regular nesting of waterbirds. During March 2002 water bird census, 250 nests were counted and species like the Grey Pelican, Spoonbill, Ibis, Open bill stork, Cormorant etc., were found to breeding.
The Karaivetti bird sanctuary is basically an irrigation tank that received water from Mettur dam and north east monsoons. It remains dry from June till August.
Entry fee: Entry is free for visitors
Ideal time to visit: Sanctuary is during December to January.
The sanctuary is open to visitors throughout the year.

Things todo near Karaivetti Bird Sanctuary (<50KM):

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