District Science Centre

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District Science Centre

The District Science Centre located in Tirunelveli was opened to the public on 27th February 1987 with a gallery on “Treasures from Ocean” and a Science Park.

District Science Centre Tirunelveli

The intention of the Centre is to popularise science and technology among public and to increment science education in schools and colleges to promote a spirit of scientific query among the students.

The activities of the District Science Centre comprises of Community Training Programmes for different categories of society on varied topics, Teacher Training Programmes, Rural Science Camp, Workshops, Vacation Hobby Courses, Science Fair, Popular Science Lectures in diverse fields of science & technology, Science Demonstration Lectures, Commemorative Days, Sky Observation Programmes, Temporary Exhibitions, Science Quizzes, Science Seminars, …etc.

Presently the centre has four galleries such as Fun Science, Popular Science, Electronics and New Wing of Electronics. The centre also has a 3D Theatre and a Dinosaur Park. Besides, a Digital Planetarium attracts the visitors to the wonders of Astronomy.

The District Science Centre also runs a Mobile Science Exhibition bus since 1988 which tours to the interiors of Tamil Nadu for spreading the message of Science.

It is now one of the most popular centres in NCSM network due to the overwhelming support of the local community.

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