Dakshina Chitra
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DakshinaChitra is an exciting cross cultural living museum of art, architecture, lifestyles, crafts and performing arts of South India. Their main is to exhibit various kind cultural differences in various forms , promote and preserve aspects of the broader, more inclusive cultures of the states and to bring these arts to the public in a participative, enjoyable and engaging way.

DakshinaChitra literally means “a picture of the south” is considered as a living-history museum located in Tamil Nadu. The museum was founded and is being managed by the Madras Craft Foundation that was established in 1984.

Dakshinachitra museum was opened to the public on 14 December 1996. Deborah Thiagarajan, an Indian art historian of American origin, governs the museum.

It has been developed as a heritage village and has an array of displays depicting the life pattern of Indians in the states of South India. The exhibits portraits the living beliefs of art, folk performing-arts, craft and architecture of India, in particular of South Indian traditions.

The museum’s plan concept was developed by architect, Laurie Baker, without charging any fee, because of his interest in rural architectural design.

The Dakshinachitra heritage village introduces Dakshinachitra architecture with 18 heritage houses representing the living styles of people from the states of South India such as Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, North Karnataka, Kerala and Telangana.

The artefacts in the museum reflect the daily life in the Southern States. In about 4,220 artefacts on display 3,200 are art-related, 70 pertain to contemporary subjects and 950 objects are clothing, featuring typical South Indian attire of men and women in cotton and silk fabrics.

The Dakshinachitra library contains a collection of books and journals pertaining to arts, crafts, performance, anthropology and folklore of South India. The Library also houses more than 1,00,000 photographs and a vast collection of DVD’s, CD’s,tapes. and the craft traditions of heritage homes of South India.

Special programmes feature dances, crafting of necklaces, basket weaving, and puppet shows. The museum also holds workshops for training in traditional crafts such as indigo dying. Classical dances such as Bharatnatyam, Mohiniyattam and Kuchipudi, and music concerts are regular events held in the large amphitheater.

DakshinaChitra Heritage Museum ,Madras Craft Foundation an NGO was opened to the public on December 14th 1996. The Museum is located on the east coastal region in a region called Muttukadu

It is 25 Kilometers away from from the capital’s railway station which falls on the east coast road of Tamil Nadu


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