Black Thunder Water Theme Park

Black Thunder Theme Park

Black Thunder is a water theme park located in Tamil Nadu, India. It is situated at the foot of Nilgiris near Mettupalayam, in Coimbatore 40 km north of the city and occupies an area of about 75 acres. The park offers about 49 rides, Surf Hill and the Wild River Ride notable among them. The park has a hotel situated within its premises.

Black Thunder Water Rides:

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Wave pool: Ride into an ocean of waves. Exciting wave patterns are created as they crash, dash and change shape with hi-tech digital technology. A scintillating display of nature recreated over a 15,000 expanse.

Surf Hill: The exhilarating thrill of speed! Surf on kiddies turf ! Grab your surfing board and whiz down the specially designed kiddies surf hill. Ride the high as you kick off at the summit of the Surf Hill.

Wild river Ride: Go white water rafting in this ride that starts off at the top of a 50 feet high artificial hill. It is 500 feet long with water cascading and gushing over padded humps and bumps that give you the feel of wild adventure.

Lazy River: A welcome break after the fast and exciting rides. After tasting the thrills of non-stop speed, take a break at the lazy river. This 1800 sq. ft long ride lets you simply roll along enjoying the relaxing lull as the ride takes you across 16 ft long channels.

Two Man Raft: This ride also starts from the top of the hill and is much wider /than the wild water rides. It is 500 feet long and is a fast thrilling ride with tons of white cascading water over padded humps and bumps to create great excitement and enjoyment to all ages.

Volcano: A volatile volcano of sheer color and excitement. Right in the heart of a mountain with six slides that deposit you into an inviting kiddie pool. The slides are foam-padded for extra smoothness and children’s safety.

Cannon Ball Ride: The cannon ball ride can be as wild or as mild as you want.A spooky, pitch dark and that send chills up your spine… Black Thunder’s heart-stopping ride is here. If you have the guts, then – zip through the cannon ball tube and land in the pool.

Speed Slide: It is 200ft. long and half-open. Made out of steel tube half slit. Specially padded with the surf hill material. Starting at the top of the big hill and the rider splash down at high speed into a splash down water lane.

Thunder Rain: After splashing, dashing and rushing through the exciting rides – take a break at Thunder Rain. This refreshing attraction lets you revel in cool aqua.

Black Thunder Dry Rides:


Horse Ride: We offer spectacular horseback riding trips, along the lakeside. Enjoy the pristine scenery with the awesome Blue Mountains for a backdrop. The horses are well maintained and are safe for all levels of riding experience.

Dragon Coaster: Are you brave enough to ride the Dragon? Climb aboard the dragon roller-coaster and find out. Roar through a winding track filled with bends and curves on this colorful monster!

Columbus: As you swing high on Columbus, Soar on the wings of a dragon, watch the earth dance below your feet!

Dashing Car: Make fun in riding and dashing the electric cars. The only indoor cars can be droved without traffic and License.

Ferries Wheel: Enjoy the view from the top. Get on this giant wheel of fun and enjoy the thrills of spinning through air.



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