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Amir Mahal is one of the greatest attraction of Chennai. Nawab of Arcot used to live here along with his family. Amir Mahal greatest attraction of Chennai is located in the Royapettah of city. The living style of this residency is different from other posh houses/Mahal. Prince of Arcot is very friendly with the supremacy.

According to him, “they are have good relations with the supremacy”. Not only visitors visit this oldest Palace of Tamilnadu but number of leaders, Presidents and many other celebrities also love to visit here.

Amir Mahal is situated in Chennai and is one of the oldest and most attractive palace to visit in Tamilnadu. Presently, prince of Arcot(Nawab Mohammed Abdul Ali Azim Jah) is living there. Amir Mahal was constructed in Indo-Saracenic style, the Amir Mahal has been the residence of the family since 1876.

The Nawab’s successor, Mohummad Abdul Ali, and his three brothers still live in the palace with their families. It also has a mini cricket ground which is currently being renovated by the government.

With the end of Nawabship, supremacy, took the prime residency of Nawab’s which is Chepauk palace,Marina. Kals Mahal is established in an area of 121 acre land. Presently, this Palace is used as a Public Work Department offices.

With the death of Nawab of Karnatic, Supremacy decided to issue a suitable palace to the uncle of last Nawab, Prince Azeem Jah. Later, Prince Azeem Jah is recognized as the First Prince of Arcot.

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