Agri Horticultural Gardens

The Agri Horticultural Gardens Society was founded in 1820 by William Carey on the Alipore Road, Kolkata. It has a flower garden, greenhouses, a research laboratory and a library. It houses a massive collection of plants and flowers. It has a significant collection of botanical varieties, including Cannas for which it has a long and distinguished tradition, with facilities for gardeners and plant/flower lovers. Courses on gardening and cultivation of certain species are offered to the general public from time to time.

horticultural garden

A large variety of ferns and medicinal plants are grown in the Society’s gardens. Thousands of fruits and flowers are grown and may also be bought at the nursery. It organizes annual flower shows in winter and imparts training in horticulture which is a major seasonal attraction.

Agri Horticultural Gardens With its 24 acres garden at 1 Alipore Road, Kolkata, the Society plays a crucial role in horticultural development and environmental restoration. It propagates and promotes rare and useful plants, markets eco-friendly gardening material, provides consultancy services and nursery entrepreneurship. It has fulfilled creditably its set out objectives in its 196 years of existence.

Bio diversity of plants and Ecological factors are constantly being nurtured in this age of scarcity and pollution. Consultancy, training, awareness programs, seminars and symposiums and technical services are the prime activities of the garden in addition to generating more plantation and preserving the extinct and endangered species that have been planted by the predecessors in the past.

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