• Best Places of Tamilnadu

    Chidambaram: Chidambaram is a town in the Cuddalore District. It is the Taluk Headquarters of the Chidambaram taluk and 235 Km from Chennai and 78 km South of Pondicherry. Pitchavaram wetlands, the second largest mangrove forests in the world has a large presence of the ancient Tillai Trees, surrounding the temple town. Tillai ambalam literally…


  • The Top 48 Tourist Places In Tamilnadu

    1.Brihadeeswarar Temple: One of the largest temples in India, built during the Chola reign and completed in 1010 AD is located in Thanjavur,Tamilnadu and worships Lord Shiva. A perfect example of the Dravidian style architecture, Brihadeeswarar temple also known as Periya kovil is a UNESCO recognized World Heritage Site known as “Great Living Chola Temple” basking in the glory…


  • Best TamilNadu Tourism

    Best Tamilnadu Tourism Places includes the major attractive spots which invites us again and again to feel the beauty. The best places to visit in Tamilnadu includes: CHIDAMBARAM Chidambaram is a pilgrimage town in Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu. The location is at a distance of  43 km from Cuddalore, 43 km Mayiladuthurai, 66 km from…


  • Best 11 Beaches In Tamilnadu

    We, Yatramantra are going to be narrowing down the best 11 beaches in Tamilnadu for you, So that you can plan you’re travel accordingly. We are listing the best beaches in Tamilnadu because of Tamilnadu tourism rapid increase and beaches aren’t isolated anymore. So we are narrowing down the best 11 beaches in Tamilnadu for…


  • Places to Visit in Chennai

    Explore Chennai Chennai fondly called as ‘Madras’ by many and the capital of Tamil Nadu is usually identified as the land of scorching heat and soaring traffic. Chennai is a land of rich tradition, culture and history as well as the land of literature and Dravidian architectural elegance. If you just took a ticket to Chennai, you shouldn’t…


  • Must Visit Top Temples in Tamil Nadu

    Top Temples in Tamil Nadu Tamil Nadu, the “land of temples” will leave you mesmerized and elated at the beautiful structuring and construction adopted during the reign of the monarchs. The brilliance of their architectural style will leave us wondering how it was possible back in that era. Thousands of people who visit these temples to evoke blessings…


  • The Top 10 Tourist Places in Tamil Nadu

    Top 10 Tourist Places Tamil Nadu Tamil Nadu, situated at the southern-most end of India holds a vibrant and colorful history dating back to thousands of years. The state once ruled by the Chera, Chola and Pandya empires contributed to its ethnic and unique culture and literature wealth. This Dravidian state boasts of its remarkable culture, spread across…


  • Famous Churches in Tamil Nadu

    Famous Churches in Tamil Nadu Tamil Nadu best known as the ‘land of temples’ is also a pilgrim centre for other religions as well. People from all over India visit Tamil Nadu for religious purposes; even though the land is immensely populated with temples there are a lot of churches, gurudwaras, mosques and monasteries in…



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