Khir Ganga

Photo Credit : Abhay Kumar Roshan V.c

Khir Ganga:

Khir Ganga is a small village set up throughout the summers in Himachal Pradesh, this serene yet picturesque village is open for 7 months in a year from March thru October. It is only accessible by foot. It is a beautiful day trek on a narrow cliff side path going by numerous waterfalls and few isolated villages. There is usually about 30-50 people at the village site during the high season which makes this region an isolated picturesque region which attracts very off beat tourist. The tourism is developing rapidly in this particular region. The best time to be at Khir Ganga is during the month of June, when its the hottest time of the year.

This beautiful village is a must to drop by a few days while your at Himachal Pradesh, because of its unbelievably clean atmosphere. This beautiful village can be easily accessed from Tosh, Kulga etc. The locals conduct daily treks to Khir Ganga, so access during summers is never a problem. There are various different trek routes and hike routes which are available in this region, there are various difficulties in the routes which are offered by them, or you can choose to stay in a summer shack and watch picturesque valley views throughout the day.

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