Kasol Himachal Pradesh

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Kasol Himachal Pradesh:

This beautiful mountain side town is known to have one of the best Hand rubbed Charas in India, Well not the best, but you can find yourself getting high on anything in these region, mainly because of the cold. These beautiful mountains have untamed nature and spiritual rivers, small villages surrounding the temples of Lord Shiva. Kasol Himachal Pradesh is a magnificent place which is filled with tribal settlements, The most common languages spoken here are, Hebrew,English,Russian and Tribal languages. You can chill on the river side of Parvati river or you can visit these beautiful cafe where you will be treated with a variety of local delicacies.

Kasol Himachal Parades ,This beautiful village is located 45 kms away from Kullu, and it 1650 meter higher than sea level. Kasol is known for its hippie culture and the way of living, many people who go up to Kasol find it hard to head back down as your going to be drowning your bliss in Parvati valleys nature. These untamed mountains is home to hundreds of tribes and thousands of wildlife species. The Flora and fauna which is found in these regions are completely unique and can’t be found anywhere else than The Himalayan Mountains. Backpacking in this region is highly recommended, because of the lack of accessibility to villages since they are high up in the mountains.

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