Jim Corbett National Park

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Jim Corbett National Park:

This magnificent national park was honored with the title of a national park in 1936, Jim Corbett – The Famous Abode of the Tigers is Asia’s very first national park. However, the conservation of this land started way back in 1868, as it was the time when the British Forest Department excluded agricultural activities and operation of cattle station here. Since then, there is no looking back.In the initial days this park was named after Sir Malcolm Hailey, the Governor of United Provinces and thus, was popular as Hailey National Park. Later in 1954-55, it was called Ramganga National Park, as it covered the Ramganga River and the village.

The saga doesn’t end here, within a short span of time it was again renamed as Jim Corbett National Park, so as to honor Edward James Jim Corbett-the man who contributed a lot to the establishment of the park. The conservation thus started, always saw an upward graph. In 1973, Corbett National Park stood as the first Tiger Reserve under Project Tiger – an initiative to protect the big striped cats.Today the Corbett National Park of India is one of the most visited wildlife destinations. Right from the tiger’s roar that gives you goose bumps, to the chirping of the birds that is like music to the ears. Wildlife at its best can be found flourishing in Corbett. The wild beings not only dwell here, they grow here. more info

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