Travel Tips

Kerala Travel Tips

In order to efficiently utilize your time here in Kerala to the maximum, we at Yatramantra  recommend you follow these guidelines:

  1. Take your time to visit all of Kerala and don’t do so hurriedly. Take God’s Own Country with all its houseboats, elephant rides and Kathakali one experience at a time.
  2.  Most of the hotels near airports would offer you a complimentary pickup and drop. Save some money and time by opting for these, but do make sure that you book rooms in advance and you tell them about your flight plans as well.
  3.  Please keep aside at least 2 days & nights in your itinerary for visiting Munnar. Munnar is about 140 km from Kochi, with hairpin bends and windy hills that would probably make you nauseous and tired. Reaching Munnar by noon after an early start at dawn and hurrying back by dusk would only ruin the great honeymoon you had elaborately planned out with your sweetheart!.
  4.  Going to Munnar has its own rewards, the beautiful waterfalls you see on the way. These look best in the afternoon, so try and reach Kochi Airport by 2:00 pm instead of say 4:00 pm
  5.  Houseboat trips shouldn’t be done unless you arrive at the spot before 10 am. Typically, the trip at Allapuzha or Kumarakom starts at 12:00 pm and the boats anchor by 5:30 pm. Its better if you get there by 11:30 am so as to be in time. If you arrive any later by say 2:00 pm, you’d have to forgot most of the trip.
  6.  After your houseboat trip, which we’re sure that you’d enjoy, you ought to see the sights in Kochi like the Mattanchery (Dutch) Palace, Santa Cruz Basilica, Willingdon Island, St. Francis Church and the pre-colonial Chinese fishing nets, all together in the morning and afternoon. Book an evening return flight from Kochi.
  7.  Don’t go to Fort Kochi after reaching Nedumbassery Airport at midnight. Kochi is atleast 40 km from the Airport, and you’d be flustered and tired with all the travelling you just did. Rest and recharge at one of the airport hotels and go sightseeing on the next day.
  8. If you’re going to Kovalam on the last day, it makes no sense to take a return flight from Nedumbassery Airport. Instead, book a flight from Trivandrum Airport (which is nearer) and get even more out of your trip by seeing the magnificent palaces, parks and zoos in Trivandrum.
  9.  Kindly dress conservatively when visiting churches or temples. Males should wear loose shirts and slippers when going to most temples because they should be taken off inside the temple premises.
  10.  Learning some common Malayalam words will get you a long way in Kerala. Malayalees are proud of their language and they like it when you speak to them in their own language 🙂
    Hello – Namaskaram
    How are you? – Sukhamalle?
    I’m fine – Sukham thanne
    Banana – Pazham
    Rice – Chor
    I’m hungry – Vishakunnu
    I’m thirsty – Daahikunnu
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