Tourist Places In Trivandrum

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tourist places in trivandrum
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Tourism in Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum) district in the Indian state of Kerala promotes the area’s hill stations,back waters, beaches, lagoons, and wildlife sanctuaries. The area is a popular tourism destination and receives chartered flights for medical tourism, as there are more than hundred recognized Ayurveda centers in and around the city. This is primarily due to Ayurveda’s popularity in foreign countries. Medical tourism is further promoted by modern medicine hospitals in the city. Recuperation facilities are available at five star beach resorts and hill stations nearby. There are many tourist places in Trivandrum. Some of them are :

  • Agasthyakoodam
  • Poovar Island
  • Ponmudi
  • Shanghumukham Beach
  • Neyyar Dam
  • Varkala Beach
  • Kuthiramalika Palace
  • Padmanabhapuram Palace
  • Kowdiar Palace
  • Zoological Garden
  • Natural History Museum



tourist places in trivandrum

Agastya Mala

Photo Credit : Vimal Joseph

Agasthyarkoodam is a 1,868-metre (6,129 ft)-tall peak within Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary in the Western Ghats of South India. The peak lies inside Tamil Nadu near the border of Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala. This peak is a part of the agasthyamala biosphere reserve which lies on the border between the indian states  kerala and tamilnadu.

Agasthyarkoodam is a pilgrimage centre for devotees of the Hindu sage Agastya, who is considered to be one of the seven rishis (Saptarishi) of Hindu Puranas. The Tamil language is considered to be a boon from Agasthya. There is a full-sized statue of Agathiyar at the top of the peak and the devotees can offer pujas themselves. 

Agasthyarkoodam is 32 km from Neyyar Dam and 23 km from Bonacaud, near Ponmudi. The major city nearest to Agasthyarkoodam is Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum).  Kalakkad Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve is part of the Agasthyarkoodam range. Part of the peak can be seen from the Upper Kodayar region.

The trekking path, nearly 35 km, is from Bonacaud. Women are not allowed up the peak and permission is required to trek. The season from December to April is advocated for trekking, for which a forest pass has to be obtained the wildlife office in Thiruvananthapuram. This is one of the best tourist places in trivandrum.

Getting There :

Nearest railway station: Thiruvananthapuram Central, around 61 km from Bonacaud.
Nearest airport: Trivandrum International Airport, around 69 km from Bonacaud.

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tourist places in trivandrum

poovar beach

Photo Credit : keralatourism

Poovar is one of the popular tourist places in Trivandrum district of Kerala state, South India. This village is almost at the southern tip of Trivandrum while the next village, Pozhiyoor, marks the end of Kerala. This village has a beautiful beach which attracts tourists. 

Poovar lies very close to Vizhinjam, a natural harbor. Poovar has an estuary which connects with the sea during high tides. The 56 km Neyyar River passes through Neyyattinkara taluk into the Arabian Sea near Poovar. Its natural beauty enables it to be a quiet tourist spot.

Poovar is one among the natural wonders where the Lake, River, Sea and Beach meet the land. A rare find in Kerala, the southern state of India. This is one of the best tourist places in trivandrum.

Poovar is unspoilt and unexplored, envoloped by the most serene backwaters, and opening out to the sea and a dream golden sand beach.The historical importance of Poovar has its strong ties with the legendary King of the erstwhile Princely State of Travancore, the great Marthanda Varma Maharaja. 

Getting There :

Nearest Airport – Thiruvananthapuram International Airport : (travel time – 45 minutes by road).

Nearest railway station Thiruvananthapuram Central – (travel time – 45 minutes by road).

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tourist places in trivandrum


Photo Credit : welcomenri

Ponmudi is a hill station in the Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala. It is a part of the Western Ghats mountain range that runs parallel to the Arabian Sea. Ponmudi is blessed with scenic splendor and natural beauty, Ponmudi has a carpet of thick tropical forest that rolls down to the foot of the hill range. No doubt, the salubrious atmosphere and the twisted trails across clear streams must have contributed to her health. 

Other attractions near Ponmudi include Golden Valley and a number of rivulets and rapids, some even across the road. The lush forest area has tropical vegetation.  A variety of wildlife inhabit the hills. The Golden Valley offers vistas of the hills and access to the Kallar River. Flowing though a wilderness area, it has rounded pebbles, cool water, fish, and lush green trees.

Kallar situated en route to the popular hill station of Ponmudi, Kallar gets its name from the River Kallar, which flows through the region. Kallu means ‘stone’ and Aru means ‘river’, hence the name Kallar. The river is well known for its abundance of attractive, round-shaped boulders and pebbles, especially in the upper reaches and middle portion of its course. This is one of the best tourist places in trivandrum.

Meenmutty Falls, Thiruvananthapuram is one of the main attraction located near by Ponmudi hills and is around 45 km from Thiruvananthapuram city.This waterfall is about 3 km away from the Kallar-Ponmudi road. The main attractions are water falls and the small natural pools and rocks located beside the way to the water fall.

Getting There :

Nearest railway station: Thiruvananthapuram, about 61 km away  
Nearest airport: Trivandrum International Airport, about 67 km away

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tourist places in trivandrum

sankhumukham beach

Photo Credit : keralapicnicspot

Shankumugham Beach is a beach in Thiruvananthapuram. The beach is on the western side of Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum) city and very near to Trivandrum International Airport. The vast stretch of white sand and the serene atmosphere, away from the crowd in the city, provide all the ingredients for relaxation and for spending an ideal evening. 

Good food can be enjoyed at the Indian Coffee House, just across the beach, which is also a vantage point for enjoying the sunset. The sculpture of Sagarakanyaka – Mermaid by Kanayi Kunhiraman is an added attraction. This giant statue is more than 35m long. The ‘Jawaharlal Nehru Park of Traffic signs for children’ is situated here, which is helpful for the children to understand the traffic rules while playing in the park. The park also provides cycling facilities for small children.

Regular bus services from Trivandrum city provides easy access to the airport area where the beach is located. Taxis or Auto-rickshaws  are also available from the city. This is one of the best tourist places in trivandrum.

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tourist places in trivandrum

neyyar Dam

Photo Credit : Ryan

Neyyar dam is a gravity dam on the Neyyar River in Thiruvananthapuram. It was established in 1958 and is a popular picnic spot. Lying against the southern low hills of the Western Ghats, Neyyar Dam has a scenic lake. Wild life includes gaur, sloth bear, Nilgiri Tahr, jungle cat and Nilgiri langur, wild elephants and sambar deer.

The Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary of which the dam is a part is the habitat of over a hundred species of fauna including Asian Elephant, Tiger, Leopard, Slender Loris and reptiles like King Cobra, Travancore Tortoise, etc. A crocodile breeding centre and a lion safari park are also located in the dam site. This is one of the best tourist places in trivandrum. Dont skip this from your list. This is one of the best tourist places in trivandrum.

Getting There :

Nearest railway station: Thiruvananthapuram Central, about 32 km
Nearest airport: Trivandrum International Airport, about 38 km

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tourist places in trivandrum

Varkala Beach

Photo Credit : flickr

Varkala Beach, also known as Papanasham Beach is a beach in Varkala, Thiruvananthapuram. along the Arabian Sea, part of the Indian Ocean. The word Papanasham means wash away sins. It is believed that a dip in the waters of Papanasham Beach washes away all the sins in one’s life. This is one of the best tourist places in trivandrum.

Varkala beach is the only place in southern Kerala where cliffs are found adjacent to the Arabian Sea. These tertiary sedimentary formation cliffs are a unique geological feature on the otherwise flat Kerala coast, and is known among geologists as Varkala Formationand a geological monument as declared by the Geological Survey of India.

The famous Sree Janardhana Swami Temple is situated near the Beach. Also Famous Sivagiri mutt is another important location. Varkala railway station is known in the name of Varkala Sivagiri railway are numerous water spouts and spas on the sides of these cliffs.The beach is a haven for sun-bathing and swimming. The evening views of the sunset are worth lingering over.

Getting There :

Nearest railway station: Varkala, about 3 km away  
Nearest airport: Trivandrum International Airport, about 57 km away

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tourist places in trivandrum

kuthiramalika palace

Photo Credit : aletatours

Kuthira Malika (Mansion of Horses), is a palace built by Swathi Thirunal Rama Varma, on the south-eastern side of Padmanabhaswamy temple in Thiruvananthapuram. The palace gets its name from the 122 horses that are carved into the wooden wall brackets that support the southern roof. The official name of the palace is Puthen Malika (New Mansion). The palace forms part of a vast complex of royal buildings in the vicinity of Padmanabhaswamy Temple.

The building was left unoccupied for more than a century, following the demise of Swathi Thirunal in 1846. This palace was built by Maharaja Swathi Thirunal Balarama Varma – the King of Travancore, who was a great poet, musician, social reformer and statesman. This rare specimen of workmanship, in the traditional Travancore style of architecture has exquisite wood carvings. The palace museum displays paintings and various priceless collections of the royal family.

Getting There :

Nearest railway station: Thiruvananthapuram Central, about 1 km  
Nearest airport: Trivandrum International Airport, about 6 km



tourist places in trivandrum


Photo Credit : bestplacesinkerala

Padmanabhapuram Palace is situated at Kanyakumari, Tamilnadu. Padmanabhapuram is the formal capital city of the erstwhile hindu kingdom off travancore. the palace is complex inside with an old granite fortress around four kilometres long. The palace is located at the foot of the veli hills, which form a part of the western ghats. This is one of the best tourist places in trivandrum. 

The Padmanabhapuram Palace complex consists of several structures :

  • Mantrasala : the King’s Council Chamber
  • Thai Kottaram : the Queen Mother’s Palace, constructed before 1550
  • Nataksala : the Performance Hall
  • A four-storeyed mansion at the centre of the complex
  • Thekee Kottaram : the Southern Palace

Other Features :

  • The clock tower in the palace complex has a 300-year-old clock, which still keeps time.
  • A big hall now bare, which can accommodate around 1000 guests, and where ceremonial feasts were held, on auspicious occasions.
  • A secret passage, now blocked, through which the king, his immediate family members, and their entourage could escape to another palace, located several kilometers away in the event of any emergency. Name of this palace is Charottu kottaram.
  • A flight of steps leads to a bathing pond, which has lost its freshness due to neglect and years of disuse.

Getting There :

Nearest railway station: Nagarcoil (Tamilnadu), about 16 km
Nearest airport: Trivandrum International Airport, 52 km away

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tourist places in trivandrum

Kowdiar palace

Photo Credit : wikipedia

Kowdiar Palace  in Trivandrum, was built in 1934 by Maharajah Sree Chithira Thirunal, on the occasion of the Pallikettu (wedding) of his only sister, Maharani Karthika Thirunal Lakshmi Bayi with Lt. Col. G. V. Raja. Kowdiar Palace’s architectural work is famous and has over 150 rooms. The entry to this palace is restricted as it is the private residence of the royal family settled in Thiruvananthapuram. 

Royalty in India is not uncommon and even though a small city, Trivandrum adores the Kowdiar Palace. The palace is the functional home of the royal family of Travancore and is restricted for Public visits. The palace however is still known for its beautiful buildings, true to the Travancore style of architecture and design. Take a walk along the palace, even if only from afar to see a rich part of Trivandrum’s history.

This palace has great historical importance. It also has a fine place in the Kerala history. The last Raja Sree Chithira Thirunal Balarama Varma is buried in the beautiful garden of this palace. So never ever miss this palace whenever you visit Trivandrum. It’s only 14 kms from Thiruvananthapuram International airport and only 6 kms from Thiruvananthapuram Central Railway Station. So it is easy to reach Kowdiar Palace.

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tourist places in trivandrum

zoological Garden

Photo Credit : excitingindia

The Thiruvananthapuram Zoo is the oldest zoo in India continuing to exist in its original location in the heart of the temple city Thiruvananthapuram. Similarly the Museum and Botanical Gardens are also the oldest of their kind in the country. This is one of the best tourist places in trivandrum.

This Zoological garden is unique in India for its breathtaking landscapes and luxuriant growth of vegetation. Royal look of lofty trees, towering bamboos, lush green landscapes give it a rare distinction of being one of the most beautiful zoos in South East Asia. Spread over 36 acres of land and located in the heart of the city it provides a respite for the people of Thiruvananthapuram as much it offers tourism and recreation for visitors reaching from outside Kerala and overseas.

Location & Approach
The Museum and Zoo are situated in the Museum Compound right in the heart of the temple city of Thiruvananthapuram

  • 3 Kms from Thampanoor Bus Station
  • 3 Kms from Thiruvananthapuram Central Railway Station
  • 9 Kms from Airport

 Approachable by frequent buses, Autorikshaws, Taxi cars etc

Visiting Time
Between 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM
Wednesday from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Ticket sales upto 4.30 PM
Monday holiday

For further Details:
+91 471 2316275 12318294
email: [email protected] 

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tourist places in trivandrum

Natural History Museum

Photo Credit : entecity

The Natural History Museum opened in 1885, houses a diverse and rich collection of ethnographic pieces. There are separate galleries for the Mammals, birds, vertebrates, invertebrates and skeletons. A library and a laboratory also form the part of the museum. There is also an Ethnology Gallery which provides valuable insight into the different races of mankind

The spacious building of the Natural History Museum houses a diverse and rich collection of ethnographic pieces. Animal Skeletons, Stuffed Animals and Birds form part of the exhibit. It is indeed amazing to know that the museum was initially started with the individual collection of General Cullen. He presented his personal collection of minerals and books and that was all that the museum had to be proud of in the earliest stage. However with the passage of years, the stock got richer.

At the entrance of the Natural History Museum, there are fossils of tree trunks. This is one of the best tourist places in trivandrum.

The Natural History Museum remains open from Tuesdays to Sundays from 10’o clock in the morning to quarter to five in the evening. However on Wednesdays, it opens only at 1’o clock in the afternoon.

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