Thanumalayan Temple Suchindram

Thanumalayan Temple
Photo Credit : Senthil Kumar

Suchindram is a temple town situated in the southern most district of Kanyakumari in the Tamil Nadu State,The town of Suchindrum is renowned for the Thanumalayan Temple and was an important fort of Travancore.

The current temple built in 17th century is famous for its sculptures. It was previously controlled by one of the main Namboodiri families called the Thekkumon Madam.

This 17th-century temple is famous for its architectural grandeur. The seven-storey white Gopuram is visible from the distance. Its 40m facade being covered with sculptures of Hindu deities

The temple is unique in the whole of India as it is dedicated to three different deities represented by one image in the sanctum and is called Sthanumalayan (Sthanu-Shiva; Maal-Vishnu and Ayan-Brahma) kovil.

The temple is rich in sculpture and architecture and a visitor to this temple is amply rewarded with the sight of such exquisite art of hundreds of years old.

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