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Thangasseri Beach Kollam

Thangasseri Beach is a picturesque beach on seaside village with a 144 feet tall Tangasseri lighthouse also known as Kollam Beach Lighthouse—a silent sentinel warning seamen since 1902 of the treacherous reefs.There are also ruins of Portuguese and Dutch forts and 18th century churches The Portuguese were the first Europeans to establish a trading center here in 1502. It became a major centre of trade in pepper. In the wars with the Moors/Arabs that followed, the ancient church of St Thomas was destroyed. In 1517, the Portuguese built the St Thomas Fort famed as Thangasseri Fort, which was destroyed in the subsequent wars with the Dutch.

In 1661, the Dutch took possession of the city.The remnants of both the Dutch and Portuguese forts can be found here. In the 18th century, the kingdom of Travancore conquered Kollam, followed by the British in 1795. Thangasseri remains as an Anglo-Indian settlement in character, though there are few Anglo-Indians in the population.

The Thangasseri Church devoted to Infant Jesus, an old Portuguese-built church, remains as a memento of Portuguese rule. The old cathedral was demolished and replaced by a new . it was consecrated and blessed on 3 December 2005. The metallic cross on the top is one of the largest crosses in India.

As Thangassery port in ancient times, Thangassery harbour is also playing a vital role in state economy

Thangassery Light House Timings

Sunday to Saturday:- 2:00 AM – 6:00 PM

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