Puthuvype Beach

Puthuvype Beach
Photo Credit : Christian Haugen

Puthuvype Beach is an upcoming major Industrial area in Kochi in the Indian state of Kerala. It is a western suburb of Kochi City. It is situated 5 km west of High Court Junction.

The beautiful beach of Puthuvype is one of the best hangout location in Kochi, but also the least explored. The walkway at the beach offers a great experience to the visitors. Another attraction at Puthuvype beach is the “cheenavalas” (Chinese fishing nets). They are raised at regular intervals. Guys who are really interested can join them in raising the nets and take the photos together with the fishermen. The plans of International Oceanarium are under processing. The proposed site is very near to the beach. Once completed it will be the largest Oceanarium in Asia and first of its kind in India. A stretch of pine trees separate the beach from the shallow ditches in the north.

The beach is more wide and sandy compared to Fort Kochi beach. Also there is a green lawn which offers ideal facility to play beach volleyball. Speed boats are available near the beach for those who are interested in water sports and adventures. After all the cleanliness of the beach when compared to Fort Kochi is really appreciable. There is also a lighthouse close to the beach. Entry tickets are issued from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. The tower is open on all days. The view from the top of the light house is marvelous. Under a clear sky, it provides a panoramic glimpse of the city beneath.

Puthuvype beach is also the view point of Kayaking and swimming competition events during Cochin carnival. Also the location of beach motocross race has been shifted from Fort Kochi beach to Puthuvype. The beach is less crowded and quiet. The only reason is that it less explored place. Before the Goshree bridge came, the only way to reach the island of Vypin was through boat. Near to the Puthuvype beach is many historic churches built during British rule. So the architectural works prevailed during those period is clearly seen. The harbor and the related market is well known for the fresh fish.

Special Features :
Sandy beach, Chinese fishing nets, Beach sports

One of the less visited but yet very beautiful beach is the Puthuvype beach. This beach has not been developed for tourism and the local administration is making a lot of efforts to promote this place as an alternative to Cherai Beach, being closer to the city of Kochi. Also a light house is situated here. The light house is situated less than half a kilometer away from the beach.This lighthouse is one of the tallest in India. There is a shallow ditch to the north of the Beach.Entry to the light house is permitted from 3 P.M to 5 P.M.



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