Puliyarmala Jain Temple

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Puliyarmala Jain Temple, known as jain temple Wayanad is a historic Jain Temple located at Puliyarmala, Wayanad, devoted to Ananthnath Swami, an eminent saint of Jain.

According to Jain faith Puliyarmala Jain Temple also known as Ananthnath Swami Temple which is devoted Ananthnath Swami who was very famous saint who followed Jainism.

Puliyarmala Jain Temple is an example for atypical form of Jain architecture. The outer entrance of the temple houses a large pillar of engraved granite exactly in front of the main gate. The entry doors holds baroque carved panels.

The elaborate carvings of the Stupa, which has been constructed in  traditional Dravidian style are painted colourfully. They augment a pyramid shape to the top. Atop is rich with the statuette of Vardhamana Mahavir, who laid down the fundamental principles of Jainism. Mahavir was the 24th and the final Tirthankara.

The small steps of the temple’s main shrine are enclosed with twenty different Jain idols and symbols made out of stone, brass, ceramic and gold.

The largest idol here is the idol made of brass standing straight without hair and arms. There is a large swastika painted in the wall right behind this brass idol.

The interiors of the temple are well imprinted and present a serene ambiance.

The tourists belonging to all cultures visit this incredible Jain temple.

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