Pothundi Dam

Photo Credit : Ashwin Kumar

Pothundi dam is an irrigation project located at a distance of 42 km from Palakkad at the foot of Nelliyampathy hills . it constructed in the 19th century to provide water to the hilly areas of Nenmara ( a small village in Palakkad district of Kerala state ). The dam is unusual in being constructed without a conventional concrete core, which is employed in most earth dams to counteract the force exerted by high water pressure. The core is made up of a mixture ofJaggery and quick lime and Surki and was constructed during 1800 AD.  The dam is located about 8 km from Nemmara and 42 km from Palakkad; Nelliampathi, around 17 km away, is known for its Nemmara Vallengi Vela festival.

The dam provides a scenic beauty to the visitors with a back drop of hilly mountain ranges of Nelliyampathi on one side and acres of never ending horizon of green rice fields on the other side. This dam is constructed across Padipuzha and Meenchadipuzha, the two sub tributaries of Ayilurpuzha, which is the tributary of Bharathapuzha. It is a small dam set in a picturesque surrounding, making it a perfect place to enjoy the beauty of nature and to unwind yourself. The Dam constructed in is braced with a unique jaggery and quicklime mortar. It is an ideal place to make a stopover on your way to Nelliyampathy.


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