Padinjarekara Beach

Padinjarekkara Beach
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Padinjarekara Beach is situated near Ponnani in Malappuram district,Kerala. Tourists are attracted towards this beach due to its beauty.

The beach has clear white sand which is bordered by palm trees. It’s a confluence of the Bharathapuzha, Tirur River and the Arabian Sea.

It is considered to be a virgin territory and it is beautified by lagoons, rocks, natural harbor etc. At the end of the Tipu Sultan road near Ponnani, the beach offers a breathtaking view of the confluence of the Bharatha Puzha, the Tirur Puzha and the Arabian Sea.  

  • Nearest Bus Station: Malappuram bus station
  • Nearest Railway Station: Kozhikode railway station
  • Nearest Airport: Karipur International Airport
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