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Nileshwaram Palace is situated in a the small town of Nileshwaram, Kasaragod. Neeleswaram or Nileswaram, is the abbreviated form of Neelakanta Ishwaran.

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It is the cultural capital of North Malabar.Today palace functions as the folklore centre of the Dept. of Archeology where tourists can learn about Kerala’s rich culture and traditions.

Folk art ‘Theyyam’ is occasionally is held at many temples and kavus.The beautiful town of Nileshwaram, 40 km from Kasaragod town, has an unhurried, quaint ambience. Nileshwaram Palace was also once known as the cultural capital of the district. Kasargod is blessed with backwaters and strips of beaches, the place attracts those in search of a serene getaway. 

Nileshwaram is also famous for its several yoga and nature cure centers which offers naturopathy treatments like mud and herbal baths.You can also see the ritual art form of Theyyam being performed in many temples here and can get an insight into the folk music of the place.

The Nileswaram palace now acts as the folklore centre of the Department of Archeology. Inside the palace premises are the Kavil Bhavan Yoga and Cultural Centre, famous for its Ayurvedic rejuvenation therapies. It also offers naturopathy treatments like mud and oil baths. 

The traditional ancestral houses adjoins the serpent groves are sacred groves with idols of snakes.The religious and ecological significance of traditional houses surrounding the shrine offers shelter to various snakes,squirrels,birds and other small creatures and plants. The eco-system of these revered places will never have any disturbances.



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