Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary

Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary
Photo Credit : Kamaljith K V

Formerly called Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary was formed in the year 1973 is the second largest of Kerala State and bio-geographically one of the richest tracts of peninsular India.

Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary – Pride of Wayanad

Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary is an integral part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, bounded by protected area network of Nagarhole and Bandipur of Karnataka in the north east and by Mudumalai of Tamil Nadu in the southeast.

It was brought under the Project Elephant in the year 1991-92. The sanctuary that is spread over 345 sq km has been separated into two disconnected parts such as Upper Wayanad Wildlife in the north and Lower Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary in the south.

Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary is a rainforest but here one can see semi evergreen, moist deciduous and dry deciduous forests and has rich bio diversity.

The trees and plants in the sanctuary are typical of the south Indian moist deciduous forests and west coast semi evergreen forests. A drive along the road to Muthanga and further, offers chances to watch animals like elephant, tiger, panthers, jungle cats, civet cats, monkeys, wild dogs etc. roaming.


The sanctuary also has endless population of birds like peacocks, babblers, cuckoos, owls, woodpeckers, jungle fowls etc.

Wayanad wildlife sanctuary consist of four ranges – Sulthan bathery, Kurichyad, Muthanga and Tholpetty, of which eco tourism centres like Muthanga and Tholpetty ranges are mostly targeted by the tourists’ to Wayanad.

The eco-tourism programmes like elephant camp visit, jeep safari, trekking, bird watching, tribal folklore etc. to create conservation awareness in the minds of the travellers and to well maintain the sanctuary and its premises.

Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary can be visited from the month of June to October. There is a nominal entry fee to enter the sanctuary.


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