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Munnar is Known as Kashmir of South India & its situated in Kerala. Munnar Kerala is located at an altitude of 1600 feet above sea level. It is one of the attractions that contributed to Kerala’s popularity as a travel destination among domestic and foreign travelers  Snuggled in the lap of such an alluring terrain, Munnar kerala is one of the most beautiful hill stations in Kerala. Enchanting beaches, diverse wildlife, picturesque landscape and flawless backwaters make Kerala an enthralling tourist destination in India.

Munnar derives its name from the Tamil word ‘munnu’ meaning “three” and ‘aar’ means “River”- spelled as  Munnar on combining. The place is situated between the confluence of three rivers namely Madurapuzha, Nallathanni, and Kundala. Munnar kerala tourism has made this place easily reachable from various parts of the country through railways, road and even airways.

A Munnar Kerala travel guide can make you visit each and every exotic place in the city. Driving to Munnar can be adventurous but you can even go for the air travel, the nearest airport is Cochin airport. Peaks which is known to be the best place for trekking and other adventure sports is located within Eravikulam National Park and is also said to be the highest peak in south India.

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Munnar kerala

  Visiting places in Munnar

  • Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Pothamedu
  • Devikulam
  • Kuthumkal waterfalls
  • Echo point 

Main attractions

  • Eravikulam National Park
  • Jungle safari in Eravikulam Park can give an astonishing sight of Langur, Elephants, Tigers, Leopard, Sambars, Nilgiri tahr and many other rare species.

Top Station in Munnar

Top Station is about 35 km from Munnar is at a height of 1700 m above sea level. It is the highest point on the Munnar Kerala-Kodaikanal road. Travelers to Munnar make it a point to visit Top Station to enjoy the panoramic view it offers of the neighboring state of Tamil Nadu. It is one of the spots in Munnar to enjoy the Neelakurinji flowers blooming over a vast area.

Tea Museum in Munnar

The museum is located at the Nallathanni Estate of Tata Tea in Munnar and is worth a visit. Munnar kerala has a legacy of its own when it comes to the origins and evolution of tea plantations. Taking account of this legacy and to preserve and showcase some of the exquisite and interesting aspects on the genesis and growth of tea plantations in Kerala’s high ranges, a museum exclusively for tea was opened some years ago by Tata Tea.

Tea Museum houses curios, photographs and machinery; all of which have a story to tell on the origins and growth of tea plantations. Not only this, but much more about what all you desire for you perfect vacations or honeymoon, can be availed here. The best nature speckled beauty, long natural walks, drives, romance and grandeur will make your trip an ideal one.Though the Munnar kerala region fell under the jurisdiction of the Travancore kingdom, it was the jenmam land of Poonjar royal family. Since it was a ‘jenmam land’ the royal family enjoyed absolute powers over the land as the landlord.

Munnar came to be known to the outside world in the 1870s with the visit of the British Resident of the then Travancore kingdom John Daniel Munro. Munro, who visited the place as part of settling the border dispute between Travancore and the nearby state of Madras literally fell for the beauty of the region.

Of the several hills in the region,Munro found the Kanan Devan hills with high potential for plantation crops. Without wasting any time Munro visited the Poonjar Palace and met the then head of the royal family, Rohini Thirunal Kerala Varma Valiya Raja, fondly called as Kela Varma Raja. The entrepreneur in Munro won the confidence of Kerala Varma Raja and he agreed to lease out Kannan Devan hills to Munro for a handsome payment.

Munro formed the North Travancore Land Planting & Agricultural Society in 1879. Members of the society started cultivation of crops, including coffee, cardamom, cinchona and sisal in various parts of the region. However these crops were later abandoned when tea was found to be the ideal crop for the region. A.W. Turner was the first to start cultivation.

Interestingly, it was not Munro or Turner who started tea cultivation in Munnar kerala. The credit goes to A.H. Sharp, a European planter, in 1880. Sharp planted tea in around 50 acres of land at Parvathy, which is now part of the Seven Mallay estate. In 1895, Finlay Muir & Company  entered the scene and bought 33 independent estates. The Kannan Devan Hills Produce Company was formed in 1897 to manage these estates.

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