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Mahagani Thottam is a scenic place nearby Malayattoor. Malayattoor is a village in the North Eastern corner of Ernakulam District in the state of Kerala in South India.

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Malayattoor a meeting place of mountain and river shot into prominence when she was blessed by the missionary work of St.Thomas the apostle of Jesus Christ. He set foot at kodungallur, in AD 52 and founded the famous seven churches.

Mahagani Thottam is the river-side tourist destination located in the valley of Malayattoor hill on the outskirts of Ernakulam. The name Mahogany was initially associated only with those islands in the West Indies under British control. The origin of the name is uncertain, but it could be a corruption of ‘m’oganwo’, the name used by the Yoruba and Ibo people of West Africa to describe trees of the genus Khaya, which is closely related to Swietenia.

Mahagani is also named as Mahogany, is a commercially important lumber prized for its beauty, durability, and color, and used for paneling and to make furniture,boats,musical instruments and other items.Mahogany has a straight, fine, and even grain, and is relatively free of voids and pockets.

Its reddish-brown color darkens over time, and displays a reddish sheen when polished. It has excellent workability, and is very durable. Historically, the tree’s girth allowed for wide boards from traditional mahogany species. These properties make it a favorable wood for crafting cabinets and furniture.

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