Kottappuram Backwaters


Kottappuram Backwaters which is also known as “Valiyaparamba backwaters” is one of the backwater tourist places in Kerala .

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 Kottappuram is famous for meandering rivers and tranquil beaches.It is located in Nileshwar municipality,40 km south of Kasaragod. Backwater cruise provides the tourist with an impressive view  of the majestic expanse of the backwaters.

The footbridge across Wadakkanchery puzha roughly marks the northern boundary of Kottappuram.It is the longest footbridge of Kerala with a span of 400 metres. This bridge connects Kottappuram to Achamthuruthi and the Nileshwar Panchayat to Cheruvathur Panchayat.

The word Kottapuram means ‘the place around a Fort’ (Kotta means Fort). Since there are many fortresses in Kerala, the state has many places with a similar name. In olden times, the ancient port of Muziris was believed to be in Cranganore area. The site of pattanam near Cranganore was recently excavated and identified as Muziris.

It is known for attractions which draw large amounts of visitors which include meandering rivers and tranquil beaches. The bridge across the river roughly marks its northern boundary. The rivers, Tejaswini and Nileswar, meet a short distance away before spilling jointly into the sea at Taikadappuram.

The melting sun has painted the horizons in orange and crimson hues. Clad in the soft warmth of the golden yellow rays, the placid backwaters reveal the effervescent nature in all its true glory.


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