Guruvayoor Elephant Park

Guruvayoor Elephant Park
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Guruvayoor Elephant Park formerly known as Punnathurkotta, palace of a local ruler, today the palace grounds abodes the elephants belonging to the Guruvayoor temple. Hence it is renamed as Guruvayoor Anakkotta literally mean Elephant Fort.

Presently, there are about 59 elephants which have received as ritual offerings by the devotees of Lord Guruvayurappa. This dwelling facilitates training to the elephants to serve Lord Krishna and to participate in many festivals that occur throughout the year.

The renowned elephant “Guruvayur Keshavan” was housed here. Among the elephants, an elephant named Ramachandran is the oldest elephant having around 82 years of age.

Several rituals like Worshipping and Feeding Elephants are observed here, as an offering to Lord Ganesha.

A training school for mahouts also functions in the Anakkotta. This complex also contains a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and Bhagavathy.

The visiting hours are from 8.00 AM to 6.00 PM. The entry fee is Rs 10 per adult and an extra Rs 25 is charged for camera inside the complex.


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