Greenix Village Fort Kochi

Greenix Village Fort Kochi
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Greenix Village Fort Kochi is a cultural art center for promoting the wide variety of art forms in Kerala under a single roof.

Greenix Village Fort Kochi


Everyday they showcase the varied art forms of Kerala like Kathakali, Mohiniyattam, Koodiyattam, Ottanthullal and  martial arts of kerala the Kalaripayattu and many more.This Village depicts the ancient life of the Keralities by showing the waving and crafting in live by the experienced men.

All these provide a platform for the guests to view the beauty of the Kerala’s wonderful cultural art journey. Greenix Village which plays a great role in the Kerala tourism is situated in the land of arts and culture,Fort cochin.The Cultural Museums, Dance theaters, book shops, Kalaripayattu training center, all these  makes a great experience to understand the culture and history of Kerala. Greenix Village gives a visual treat to the travellers around the world.It is a must visit place while exploring the beauty of fort cochin and Kerala.

Greenix Village Fort Kochi invites foreign travelers to Cochin to be its Artist-in-Residence. Individuals from all types of creative platforms; visual arts, music, performing arts, architecture, design, dance, researchers and healing art therapists are invited to enjoy Greenix unconditional hospitality while demonstrating their creative gift for a working period of one week. Greenix provides ancestral Kerala village ambience to express your creative greatness involuntarily. The artist is free to use the residency for his or her own purposes, without any obligation towards the host.

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