Folklore Museum

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The three storied structure takes into the flashback of Kerala’s culture and heritage. It’s a distinctive endeavor to preserve the splendid legends of the state.

A non-profit organization, opened in the year 2009 is the end result of 25 years of hard work and fortitude of George Thaliath and his wife Annie George along with the unique craftsmanship and manpower offered by 62 carpenters and skilled labors for more than seven years.

The museum is truly a cache store that showcases the rich heritage of Kerala.

The relics here narrate the story of past era. Artifacts such as masks, sculptures in wood, stone and bronze, attires of traditional and ritual art forms, musical instruments, traditional jewelry, manuscripts of rare medicines and astrological secrets and Stone Age utensils are all conserved in this museum.

The three floors follow three different architectural styles; Malabar, Cochin and Travancore respectively making this museum exceptional.

The entrance of this structure is created from the odds and ends of a 16th century temple in Tamil Nadu and wooden carvings collected from across Kerala and the entrance door is festooned with Manichithrathazhu, a traditional ornate door lock of Kerala.

The theatre here conducts authentic stage performances every day.


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