Edakkal Caves

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Photo Credit : Deepak A.B

It is located in the Ambukuthi Hills of North Kerala and it is considered as the most primitive centres of human habitation.

Edakkal Caves – The Natural Caves

Edakkal Caves literally mean a stone in between. It is said that these two natural rock formations has been formed due to a large split in the huge rock due to natural phenomenon.

They are present in remote location at Edakkal about 1200 meters above the sea level. It is said that these caves are rare and one of its kind from South India.

Edakkal Caves Top View

Edakkal Caves Top View

Photo Credit : Raj

The interior of the Edakkal Caves are stuffed with stone scripts, pictorial wall inscriptions, various etchings, prehistoric line drawings etc. which is associated to Neolithic Man of 6000 BC.

Edakkal Caves were discovered in 1895 by Fred Fawcett, the then Superintendent of Police of Malabar District. His mission to explore Wayanad started as soon as he found a stone axe from the coffee estate of Wayanad. It resulted in finding a rock shelter up the mountain considered to be the ancient habitats of people of New Stone Age.

This enlivening discovery drew the attention of archaeologists, historians and tourists around the globe.  


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