Draavidia Art & Performance Gallery

Draavidia Art & Performance Gallery
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Draavidia Art Performance Gallery hold art shows of Kerala local artists and give opportunity to know more about Kerala art and culture.

Draavidia art was an architectural idiom that emerged in the Southern part of the Indian subcontinent or South India. It consists primarily of temples with pyramid shaped towers and are constructed of sandstone, soapstone or granite.

In Dravidian Art you can find generations of south Indian tradition and heritage in art form. Our main aim is to showcase the bonding tradition engraved within us for generations.



In Draavidia Art you can find great range of resplendent classical Tanjore painting collections to rebound your memories and to enrich  your home with authentic look.

Draavidia gallery is located in kochi. It  holds classical music concerts with admission fee from November to March at 6.00 pm.

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