Chinese Fishing Nets

Chinese Fish Nets
Photo Credit : Brian Snelson

Colloquially known as Cheena Vala, are huge fishing net that are installed in seashore for fishing.

The Chinese nets made of wood and bamboo work on the principle of balance and each structure is at least 10 meter high and includes a cantilever with an outstretched net suspended over the sea and the large stones hanging from the ropes counterweighs at the other end.

Each installation is operated by a team up to six fishermen. Although such fishing nets are used in coastal parts of Southern China and Indo China, Chinese Nets around the Fort Kochi Coast had won the fame of having this unusual fishing method.


In India, the state of Kerala has the bounty of Chinese fishing nets. In Kerala apart from Fort Kochi, Kollam has also become a tourist attraction due to the presence of these nets.

The fish catch in these nets are usually modest and its market is often the passersby.

It was widely interpreted that these nets has been introduced by Chinese explorer Zheng He, but the recent studies shows that these were introduced by Portuguese Casado settlers from Macau.

The Chinese fishing nets are favorite spot of tourists; their size and elegant construction usually serve as the backdrop for snap shots and the gazing at the work of Chinese nets is just a time pass.

Catches can be bought individually and the “You buy I cook” stalls sprang up nearby will give the taste buds an awesome treat.

A stay at Koder House gives the pro to watch the Chinese nets.

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