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Chandragiri Fort located at the south-east of Kasargod town. It was build in 17th century by Sivappa Naidu. Fort is famous for its squarish structure and holds the glory of yesteryears. The fort has an eventful history to relate.

A couple of centuries ago, the river Chandragiri was considered the border of two powerful kingdoms – Kolathunadu and Thulunadu. When Thulunadu was captured by the Vijayanagara Emperor, the Kolathunadu kings lost the Chandragiri region to them. It was only in the 16th century that the great empire of Vijayanagara declined. Presently Chandragiri fort and region is under the Karnataka State.

Chandragiri Fort offers a breathtaking view of the convergence of the Chandragiri river with Arabian Sea. Sprawling over an area of 7 areas, Chandragiri fort is situated 150 feet above sea level.

But later the Ikkeri Naikkars or the Bedanoor Naiks took over the reins of Chandragiri as an independent region. Thus the Chandragiri Fort was built by Sivappa Naik for the defence of his kingdom. The fort changed hands over the years to Hyder Ali of Mysore and then to the British East India Company.

Today Chandragiri fort is a protected monument under the State Archaeology Department. The Chandragiri region was rejoined to the State of Kerala through the State Reorganisation Act, 1956, Government of India.

Peeking into history,the river was measured to be the border of two powerful kingdoms – Kolathunadu and Thulunadu in the past decade.It is located 4 km from Kasaragod town.

The main attractions near Chandragiri fort are:-

Chandragiri Cruises: Boat trips to nearby islands and palm groves. Boarding Point – Chandragiri Bridge.
Chandragiri Boat Club: The Boat Club offers speed boat rides, houseboat cruises, island camping and wildlife tours in the hinterlands. Fishermen near the Chandragiri Bridge will give you a ride on the backwaters and arrange trips to nearby islands.

Location : Southeast of Kasargod town on the banks of the Chandragiri river, Kasargod district, north Kerala.

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