Banasura Sagar Dam

Banasura Sagar Dam
Photo Credit : Dhruvaraj S

Banasura Sagar Dam made up of huge piles of stone and boulder is the largest Earth Dam in India and the second largest in the Asian continent was designed by an architect named Eugene Pandala.

Banasura Sagar Dam confiscates the Karamanathodu, a tributary of Kabini river in the Project Banasura Sagar. This project encompasses a dam and canal and it started way back in 1979.

The Project Banasura Sagar was put forward to support the Kakkayam Hydro Electric Power Project started to eliminate the water shortages for irrigation and drinking purposes during dry season.

The islands in the reservoir with the Banasura hills, the third largest peak in the Western Ghats as a back drop offer an extravagant view.

According to the legends, it was named after the Asura king of Banasura, the son of King Mahabali, who undertook severe reparation on the top of these hills. 

The picturesque mountains summons adventurous tourists and the dam site is an ideal starting point for trekking. The vast span of the crystal clear water of the dam scattered along with small islands is a photographer’s glee.

The dam is very close to Karalad Lake another tourist spot in Wayanad which offers a boating trip and the view of dam from here is a unique experience for the travellers. One can choose either speed boat or pedal boat.

There is a small nature park, very near to the boating place. This park with its traditional tree swings will grant merry moments for the children.

The best season to visit Banasura Sagar dam is from November to May.

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