Top 10 famous Elephants living in Kerala

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Elephant, the state animal of Kerala plays a significant role in the history of Kerala. Most of the Hindu temples in Kerala own elephants. The world’s only Elephant Palace is constructed in Punnattur Kotta to house the elephants of temples. The top 10 famous elephants living in Kerala are enlisted below;

  • Guruvayoor Padmanabhan:

He is one of the most popular elephants of Kerala owned by Guruvayoor Devaswom. This Gajaratnam fires the enthusiasm among the elephant lovers by his elegance and majestic look. He has the privilege to carry the golden Thidambu of Lord Guruvayoorappa during Ekadasi Vilakku and Arattu Ezhunnallippu since 1962. He has been considered as the rebirth of Airavatha the elephant of King Indra.

  • Thechikottukavu Ramachandran:


This elephant is nick named as Raman and is under the control of Thechikottukavu Devaswom. Raman is 46 years old and has a height of 316cm. It’s one of the big elephants with broad forehead, long truck and tusk. He has a unique identity among Kerala elephants as he lifts the Thidambu during festival. Raman is popularly called as King of Poorams and he is the super star of festivals due to his head lifting feature.

  • Mangalamkunnu Ayyappan:

By his stature alone demands respect amongst all other elephants in Kerala. He is a white elephant which is regarded as rare and having blessed by God.

  • Pampadi Rajan:


The tallest and special black coloured elephant of Kerala origin. It has a very long and broad trunk among other Kerala elephants and its length between front and back legs is note worthy.

  • Guruvayoor Valiyakesavan:

The next king of Guruvayoor after Padmanabhan and it hails from the forest of Bihar. He was given the name Kesavan as he looks like the great Guruvayoor Kesavan.

  • Thiruvambady Sivasundar:

He is known by the name Pookodan Sivan, having a height of 304cms. The attractive long trunk, flat forehead, long legs and tail makes this elephant the most valuable elephant in Kerala. This is one of the elephants which meets all the gajalakshanams mentioned in Mathangaleela. Sivasundar carries the Thidambu of Thiruvambady Bhagavathi during Thrissur Pooram.

  • Thrikkadavur Shivaraju:

He is one of the famous elephants of Kerala and the largest among the elephants of Thiruvithankoor Devaswom Board. He has won the Gajarajarathnam title for his alluring pure black and majestic look. His perfectly shaped milky white tusk and huge ears make him unique. He conquers the attention of all people by his beauty and calmness even in his age of early thirties.

  • Paramekkavu Sri Padmanabhan:

He is the proud possession of the Paramekkavu temple. He hail from Bihar and this thirty-five year old tusker is the biggest one among the elephants of Paramekkavu temple

  • Thayankavu Manikandan:

He is an upcoming hero among the elephants of Kerala. He is good in head lifting and has an amazing magnificence. His bright future makes him a promising super star of the future.

  • Athira Vinod:

He is a Gajaveeran from Athira Veedu. An upcoming super star famed for his splendour. His tusks, ears, black-colour etc are exclusive.


Here is another video for top 15 elephants in kerala.


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