The Beauty Of Kerala

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the beauty of kerala
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Kerala, a state situated on the southwestern end of India, is one of the most popular tourist sites in the country because of its beautiful landscape and calming atmosphere.Kerala has been named one of the top ten paradises by the National Geographic Travel due to its near perfect conditions and its high number of tourists. The atmosphere of Kerala is far different than any other place on earth and, because of this unique experience, it is highly popular. The beauty of Kerala is beyond words.

Those looking to stay in the area may want to take a vehicle to get around more quickly than a boat, but going on a boat may be better for those wishing to get the full experience Kerala has to offer.  For those simply looking to enjoy their vacation, Kerala has great sight-seeing options. For those looking to learn about the history of this beautiful country, the country has various palaces that a tourist can go to.

One place, the Padmanabhapuram Palace, is perfect for those simply looking to feel a part of the country. The former owner, during his time dedicated the palace to a deity and his family and is split into separate halls that demonstrate different parts of the palace and exemplify the culture.

the beauty of kerala


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Another palace is the Hill Palace, which resembles the leaning tower of Pisa lacking a lean. The palace is comprised of 49 buildings and holds 14 museum display categories. It’s a beautiful building that is a perfect addition to any tourist’s outing because of how easy it is to get to and the knowledge provided.  This landmark is great for those looking to learn about Kerala or those who simply want to be immersed in its beauty.

the beauty of kerala

Mattancherry Palace is another stop on the list for those who want to see how the royalty lived in Kerala or who want to learn about the Hindu roots that are firmly established and celebrated in Kerala.  This palace has wonderfully decorative murals of the Hindu religion. Though it is not as aesthetically pleasing as the Hill Palace, it can teach a tourist a lot about the culture and the history of Kerala if they choose to go here. This palace may be best for those looking to learn about the history, culture, and traditions of this beautiful area. Combined with the beautiful aesthetic, the culture and learning about it, can really help to make a trip to Kerala a meaningful experience.

the beauty of kerala


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Along with these landmarks, one can go to the beaches and simply traverse the lands for themselves. Anywhere a tourist goes they are sure to be immersed in culture and beauty. How, and if, they choose to explore the culture and beauty around them is entirely a choice.If one goes online, they will find pictures of Kerala’s beauty. The low hanging clouds, wonderful white waves, and vast open lands are intriguing and inviting to those of Western countries. Kerala is a great vacation stop or a wonderful place to live in for a while as one lets the waves of beauty wash over them.

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