Slashed Rates To Kerala with ‘Visit Kerala Bid Wars’ Campaign

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Visit Kerala Bid Wars 

How cool will it be to visit a place you most wanted to see and explore for practically nothing…that’s right at a very very very low cost or no cost at all? No! It is not a dream, it is pure reality with an unfathomable twist that will blow your mind at the very thought.

Kerala fondly known as God’s Own Country immensely beautified and enchanted with misty mountains, lush greenery, crystal clear lakes and valleys, long sandy beaches, lofty peaks, cascading waterfalls, striking wildlife and more…

An exotic paradise, honeymoon spot, adventurous and romantic hill station, tropical beach you name it, it’s all what makes Kerala, one of the must see places in the world.

Kerala Tourism’s new 2015 campaign

Kerala tourism department offers all tourists who wish to visit Kerala an opportunity of a life time; Slashed rates To Kerala with ‘Visit Kerala Bid Wars’ campaign.

An online bidding game that allows visitors to bid and the winner will be the one who makes the lowest bid winning a holiday package to Kerala.

The bidding system is called ‘lowest unique bid’ where the holiday package is made available to the visitors through social media mainly the official facebook page of Kerala Tourism and the ‘Visit Kerala Bid Wars’ application.

The winner will be the person who bids the lowest and unique amount, if in any case two people bid the same amount, that price will be cancelled. The bidding is mostly aimed at domestic travellers within India.

To make things more clear, a person who bids Rs 11 for a Rs 15,000 holiday package gets a lowest bid and becomes the winner. If nobody bids lower than Rs 11 then he will be awarded that holiday package just for Rs 11 only.

Where is ‘Visit Kerala Bid Wars’ available?

The ‘Visit Kerala Bid Wars’ includes packages starting from Rs 8,000 to Rs 80,000 ranging from two days to ten days; the bidding happens for one package at a time and the details and the worth of the package are included in the official Kerala Tourism Facebook page or android application titled ‘Visit Kerala Bid Wars’ available for download in Google Play.

Although Kerala experience more tourists all-round the year, this online bidding game which has gone viral gives them more opportunity and a reason to Visit Kerala again making the bond even stronger.

The bidding will be made available to the public for few days and after announcing the winner the next bid will be open.


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