Why no bloggers from Kerala for Kerala Blog Express- 2015?

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kerala blog express
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Kerala blog express is an initiative to revivify the hobbling Kerala tourism. Kerala blog express season 2 will be held on 2nd week of March 2015. What good does this bring to the ailing tourist economy? Does this move satisfy Kerala bloggers?

Kerala blog express is a free tour package provided by government to the assorted bloggers across the globe. This is a lucrative chance for the bloggers who gets elected to explore the scenic beauty of “Gods own Country” and its heresy, absolutely free of cost. The idea is wise and intention is to promote tourism. The moot question is up to what extend does this help in promoting our culture and tourism. The sequel of this lump sum expenditure will be confined to a column of these foreign bloggers. Another trauma is the blaspheming of Kerala bloggers. Foreign bloggers are never going to propagate it the way as an indigenous blogger does. Authorities introspection may be that a foreigner’s promotion will bring more fruit than an inmates propagation. However one does not forget about the difference in expenditure of the two.

The selection should be a pro for both outsiders and Indians. The voting should be more robust and the team must include at least 50% of Indians and other foreigners. The authority should ensure that they do something to embolden the native bloggers. Hopefully looking forward to Kerala Blog express season 3 with more Keralite Participants.

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