Coconut Lagoon

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Coconut Lagoon Kumarakom

Coconut Lagoon Kumarakom takes back to the heritage of the old feudal villages of Malabar. The vast frolic of the Vembanad lake. The shimmering waters of the canals that criss-cross the property. The flavour bursts of Kerala home-style cooking.

The distinctive architecture of Coconut Lagoon has its own tales to tell. Some of these mansions are over 150 years old, and were transplanted here, beam by beam, timber by timber, from the old houses of the county that had fallen to ruin. 

Restoring them was a process that took several years and much loves and labours. Our first task was to track down the Aasaris, descendants of the master craftsmen who had originally created these dwellings. By now, sadly, the old crafts were dying, the young lured away by lucrative city jobs. The team we finally found were men well into their 60’s. And the styled woodwork and fine detail of mansions is a tribute to their skill, patience and devotion.

Villas will have different beds, cupboards and chests of drawers that we’ve sourced, not from a store but slowly, from traditional homes and of course, the famed craftsmen of the region. Furnishings too rely on local materials, offset with linen, rough-woven cotton and other natural fabrics.

Ayemenem, lakeside restaurant, serve the most authentic, home-cooked Kerala food on a banana leaf.

A short way from the reception is a little wood-frame structure, the resort shop. Pick up handicrafts, jewellery, local dresses and assorted bric-a-brac. Many of the screw pine, coir and coconut-based products made by the local village women are also on display. Try too, some of the fine incense products and natural soaps available here.

Together, they are a celebration of harmony, life and natural beauty that touches every sense and takes you into a world still unsullied by modern ways.

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