11 Reasons To Opt Kerala For Your Honeymoon

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honeymoon in Kerala
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Kerala the mystical land is now making a lot of heads turn with its natural, picturesque beauty and breath-taking views of the nature’s charm. ‘God’s Own Country’ is now becoming an attractive wedding destination; Kerala was always a personal favorite of honeymooners from India and abroad.  Clearly a land blessed by God with beautiful scenery and appeal, Kerala is a very distinct state in itself; each place is unique and offers you a different kind of treatment. Whether you are looking forward to an adventurous, lazy, refreshing, rejuvenating or sightseeing honeymoon, Kerala has it all. You and your partner can decide your preferred spot for honeymoon based on your liking and create an unforgettable and fun- filled romantic getaway. If you are in a dilemma on where to go for your honeymoon, here are the 11 reasons to opt Honeymoon in Kerala.

  • Beautiful Beaches:

Honeymoon in Kerala

Alleppey Beach

Photo Credit : Amitra Kar

Kerala is a land blessed with a long coastal belt stretching to almost 600km on the West, close to the Arabian Sea; hence you will be fascinated by the water bodies engulfing the state like beaches, lagoons, backwaters, rivers, canals, lakes and more. Some of the famous beaches which are best tailored to suit honeymoon travelers in Kerala are Varkala in Kollam, Bekal in Kasargode, Alleppey , Kovalam in Thiruvananthapuram and many more. All of them offer an amazing and spectacular view in a relaxing and tranquil location for you to take a refreshing and soothing dip, a silent and private stroll with your partner enjoying the cool breeze along with some adventure sports if you wish like kayaking, paragliding, surfing etc. Wake up to mornings with a pleasant view of the beach and enjoy private and romantic times alone with your partner at any one of the stunning beaches in Kerala.

  • Hill Stations:

Honeymoon in Kerala

Munnar, Western Ghats, Kerala

Photo Credit : Jakub Michankow

Kerala’s topography is surrounded by the Western Ghats on its East, a 450km continuous mountain range offering  lush green view of plantations, rugged terrain, mountains, valleys and vibrant flora and fauna keeping a cooler temperature 365 days a year due to its elevated sea level of almost 1500m, some peaks in this area rise as high as 2500m. If you are looking forward to a cooler temperature where you and your partner can just have some alone time high atop the hills with mesmerizing view of green terrains away from the din and bustle of the city then you need to visit Munnar, Wayanad and Vagamon, which are gorgeous hill stations and towns in Kerala.

Must visit Places in Munnar

  • Stunning Backwaters:

Honeymoon in Kerala

Kerala the land of ‘God’s Own Country’ is mainly called so for its natural and enchanting backwaters. You will be bowled over by the vast stretch of inland waterways bordered by opulent greenery, swaying coconut trees, blue skies, chirping birds and the calm breeze. The only way to explore the nook and corner of these beautiful backwaters and take in its full beauty is through means of a houseboat cruise. The number of people jetting in to Kerala to experience the Alappuzha Houseboat day cruise is currently on the rise, these fully equipped houseboats which offer all the luxurious amenities like bedrooms, living room, dining area, television and what not while on the move will be the perfect romantic escape for your honeymoon. A memorable day and night inside the boat cruising along the picturesque backwaters of Alleppey, Kumarakom, Kollam and Cochin offers breath-taking views, fishing and swimming if you wish, a stopover at local attractions and more will make way for a memorable day of your life.

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The Beauty of Alleppey backwaters

  • Exotic Wildlife:

Honeymoon in Kerala

Kerala Wild Life

Photo Credit : Kerala Tourism

If you and your partner are the highly adventurous kind, you can set forth to involving yourself into the forests and wildlife of Kerala. The state is sanctified with captivating landscape, abundance of green forests, meadows, plains, enthralling waterfalls, lakes and wildlife sanctuaries with exotic fauna preserved in their natural habitat. The temperature will always be pleasantly cool, and if you are housed in a natural resort you will get the perfect ambiance of a romantic getaway with cool mornings, natural walk amongst the woods, stretch your legs in mirror-like water, small ponds, trekking, safari etc. Wayanad, Thekkady, Idukki and Vagamon in Kerala will be your answer if you are looking forward to the above mentioned experience. Take a jolly trip atop elephants, watch out for fabulous birds, take a hike, be on top of the world, stay lodged in a tree house, capture some wildlife moments for a memorable honeymoon.

  • Thrilling Waterfalls:

Honeymoon in Kerala

Athirappilly waterfalls

Photo Credit : Dhruvaraj S

With the Western Ghats covering almost three fourth on the Eastern side of the state, the nature is very enticing with foliage, thick green forests, streams and amidst them beautiful cascading waterfalls that descent down from a loftiness giving a magnanimous and picturesque view. Athirappilly waterfalls in Thrissur district is one of nature’s wonders showcasing the charm which leave the viewer’s wonderstruck. A prominent shooting spot for many movies, and a perfect getaway to relax yourself in the cool waters, take a walk among the forests, spot rare species of birds and animals and more. Other enticing waterfalls that will be music to your ears and fill your hearts with joy are Palaruvi or ‘The Stream of Milk’ in Kollam, Thommankuthu in Idukki, Nyayamkadu waterfalls in Munnar, Meenmutty waterfalls in Wayanad and many more. Located in a very cool and comforting atmosphere, a visit to these miraculous falls will be a perfect time to enjoy a fun filled vacay with your partner.

  • Monsoon Rains: 

Honeymoon in Kerala

Kerala Monsoon

Photo Credit : Vinoth Chandar

Kerala has a pleasant climate throughout the year and if you want to explore the rains in Kerala then visit during the months of June, July, August and September where Kerala receives maximum rainfall. Almost 80% of the rains received in Kerala are by the monsoon winds, the Western Ghats area and the highlands receive the maximum fall. The rains are mostly accompanied by thunder and lightning, Kerala is more beautiful during the monsoon season and tourists from all over visit during these months to witness the monsoon in Kerala. If you want to experience a cool, free of dust, rejuvenating time then explore the monsoons with your partner in Kerala.

  • Ayurvedic Massage:

Honeymoon in Kerala

Ayurvedic Massage

Photo Credit : Adams Homestay Cochin

Are you looking forward to a more rejuvenating experience after a tiresome week of marriage; then Kerala offers wellness in the form of Ayurvedic therapies, a 5000 year old healthcare system. Remove all the toxins away from your body and cure your mind and soul with these age old traditional massage therapies using herbal oils and plants of medicinal value. Ayurvedic therapies works best during the rainy season where it is more cool, moist and making your body more receptive to the treatment. You will emerge fresh and rejuvenated for a fruitful and harmonious life ahead with your partner. You may also opt for couple massage or treatments as per your liking. There are individual Ayurvedic therapy centers and also most of the hotels now have these Ayurvedic massage centers along with their spa.

  • Kerala Cuisine:

Honeymoon in Kerala

Avial – A Veg Recipe of Kerala

Photo Credit : Natesh Ramasamy

If you are a foodie, then Kerala is where your taste buds will not be put to rest, taste food available in spicy or medium range with coconut milk or in a whole lot of red chilies. The spicy and flavorful seafood will be a real treat to your palate, steamed rice cake a.k.a Puttu, Appam, Kadla, Idiyappam, Kappa & Meen curry will be your hunger quencher. All kinds of food are readily available in Kerala and the taste differs from one place to another. Kerala cuisine is a must try and on your romantic day out, what more can be exciting than an elaborate and unique Kerala Sadhya.

  • Transportation:

Honeymoon in Kerala

Low Floor KSRTC Bus,Cochin to Munnar

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Kerala is well connected by a network of roads, rails, ferry boats and airways for easier commuting. The public transportation system which is cost effective and cheap makes it hassle free to reach any destination of your choice; either opt for a bus, cab or auto. All through the journey from one place to another, you can enjoy the scenic beauty of the state in the form of thick forests, paddy fields, small lakes and rivers and more. The local community of Kerala is also very friendly and speaks good English to make your journey effortless. The people are also very supportive and will guide you if you have any problems along the way.

  • Accommodation:

Accommodation while in Kerala will never cause you any trouble, depending on your range and interests from a luxurious five star deluxe hotels to cosy Home stays, Tree Houses, House Boats, Enthralling Resorts and fully furnished apartments Kerala has it all. Offering a pleasurable stay at almost all of the locations mentioned above like near beaches, waterfalls, backwaters, wildlife, hill stations etc. Kerala lets you merge with nature and takes you onto a romantic paradise you will never forget.  Away from the din and bustle of the city, make your mornings countable to the beautiful scenery offered at various locations. You can make direct bookings to the hotel through the hotel website or make a phone call or send an email. The hotels are also listed on various booking engines now which gives you a discounted offer for your stay. Hence, worry not while choosing Kerala as your next romantic spot, because Kerala will offer you a stay which you just cannot resist.

  • Souvenirs:

Kerala is abundantly rich in spices, which are most often bought by tourists during their visit to Kerala. The aromatic scent and taste of these spices will leave you no choice but to bag a few on your return trip, these are extremely cost effective and easily available from local markets. The traditional Kerala sari, Kathakali Sculptures, House Boat, Wooden Elephants, Handicraft items and more are all in demand while you are in Kerala.

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