Best Kerala Honeymoon Places

  We, Yatramantra have put together a various Honeymoon packages comprising best honeymoon places in Kerala which would help your honeymoon experience unforgettable with the services which we would be providing to our guests which is going to set memories for the rest of your life. Kerala honeymoon spots are incredible and it is a…


Top 5 Kerala Waterfalls

Kerala Waterfalls Looking for a vacation to get refreshed and revived to get back to hectic and busy life. If your answer is YES…then none other than the waterfalls can give you rejuvenation. So plunge into one of the many cool refreshing Kerala Waterfalls and pools that slice down through the dense forest. If you…


Top Waterfalls in Kerala

Top Waterfalls in Kerala The forests of the Western Ghats are punctuated with large and small waterfalls that laugh gurgle and splash down the mountain side. All these cascades of rippling waters are ideal spots for picnics and excursions round the year. 1) Palaruvi Waterfall: (175 km from Kollam) which means stream of milk makes…


Top 10 Waterfalls in Kerala

WATERFALLS IN KERALA – TOP 10 The land of Kerala is rich with forest, lakes and waterfalls. The Western Ghats are the main source of all the waterfalls in Kerala. Small and large water streams that merge together to form luscious waterfalls.Those waterfalls attract hundreds of peoples to Kerala. You will find many small and…


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