Malpe Beach

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Malpe Beach:

This beach is just located off Udupi, Its around 6 Kms away from Udupi. This beach is known for its very serene atmosphere and various delicacies of fish which are offered roadside. This beach is known for its white sands and activities that take place in this region. Saint Mary’s island can be accessed from this beach through regular ferry option which makes this tourist destination unique. There are parts of the beach which is sill untouched by humans.This beach is easily accessible from Udupi, Where there are frequent buses to Malpe from Udupi. There are many more tourist attractions nearby Malpe.

This is one of the first beaches in India that offers wi-fi 24/7 to all the visitors, This beach has been developed majorly by the local community Mogaveera. Malpe is an beach which is often visited by students and locals to spend their evening on the sands of Malpe beach. Its highly advisable to rent bikes to visit these beautiful beaches near Udupi. These beaches are mainly known for the drives along the way to these serene beaches or you can choose to do some water sporting activities and enjoy some beers along Paradise isle beach resort which lies along Malpe beach.


Things todo near Malpe Beach (<50KM):

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