Hoode Beach

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Hoode Beach:

This fantastic beach is located at Bengre, Udupi. This is an isolated beach enjoyed by various kinds of visitors who have kept the beach well maintained. This beach is very beautiful and scenic where you can drive between the sea and the river, if we keep continuing straight we will reach an Delta where the sea and river meets which makes it a breathtaking sunset and a auspicious sunrise. This region hasn’t caught the eyes of Karnataka tourism, This beach is also known for the Toddy which has been served at this particular shack where you can dine with the view of the sea, If you’re a beach bum, you can lie on the sands sipping on some Toddy or maybe do a little surfing as, Hoode beach has opened a surf club to entertain guests visiting this particular beach. This tiny village besides Hoode holds a number of temples where one can have their own spiritual beach morning or evening.

Renting out a bike is highly recommended while you’re visiting this beach in particular.The town of Kemmannu is located about 17-20 kms to the North-West of Udupi. These beaches are coarse, rough and yet have a gracious feel to them. Naturally entrenched on the ridge line of river Swarna peninsula is a beach known as Adda Bengre. The rough sea is a surfing hot spot mainly during the monsoon season.

Things todo near Hoode Beach (<50KM):

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