Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary

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Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary:

This magical sanctuary lies on the banks of River Kali, Dandeli is one of Karnataka’s largest wildlife sanctuaries which is home to thousands of species and its not much visited by humans. The peaceful and forested environment of Dandeli makes it the best place for a relaxing vacation. This serene wildlife sanctuary makes this location a perfect place for writers and poets to come down and think in this bliss atmosphere. Dandeli Wildlife sanctuary can bring out the poet in you.This picturesque Wildlife sanctuary is around 290 Kms away from Udupi.

The dense forests and the River Kali make the region the perfect home for wild animals, and you can spot leopards, elephants, antelopes, tigers, bears, reptiles (snakes and crocodiles) here. Animal sightings are not a rare thing here. We can find wildlife everywhere in this particular region. You can also participate in some jungle adventure activities such as trekking, river rafting and kayaking in which can show you a different side of Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary or else you can choose to camp in the forest and try catching some actual wildlife action. Mostly photographers choose to camp over nights to catch amazing photographs over night fall when this untamed jungle comes to life.

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