Agumbe Rainforest

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Agumbe Rainforest:

This amazingly dense forest is the best off-beat places in Udupi to visit is you have a taste for adventure.You can backpack on this beautiful rain forest or you can decided to enjoy this amazing vista with various services which luxury resorts provide you. This beautiful forest falls under Shimoga district. This region is known for its various forms ¬†of life found here. This region is mostly populated with snakes as these forests have constant rainfall throughout the year which makes it home to various different kinds of flora and fauna as well. Backpacking in this rainforest is bliss if you don’t mind all the wildlife around you.

In the Agumbe rainforest there are not many hotels which are present in this region so pre planning is need before visiting this particular area. The most common sightings in Agumbe are Cobras,pythons,elephants,jaguars,wild dogs etc. There are routine checks throughout Agumbe for pollution etc. There are many temples near Udupi and Agumbe These checks helps to maintain the eco-friendly environment in Agumbe which keeps the surroundings clean around this particular zone. Camping and backpacking in this region is recommended by us but there are other Karnataka tourism based accommodation available.There is a field based conservation and research organisation situated inside the Agumbe Reserved Forest at Agumbe in the central Western Ghats of southern India, they take utmost priority in conserving and studying the surrounding environment.

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