Sinquerim Beach

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Sinquerim beach is located at a coastal village named as Sinquerim. Sinquerim beach is situated in the northern region of Goa. Sinquerim is close to Panaji. Fort Aguada which is a very famous fort is located near Sinquerim beach. It is joined to the beach by few stairs. It is counted under the best tourist attractions.

Sinquerim beach

The best time to come to Sinquerim beach has to be during the monsoon times as high tides are expected there during the rainy season. It makes the beach view so beautiful and windy too. Whenever you stand at the beach and you see the waves, you realize that the waves are so high that these waves cross the wall of the aguada fort near Sinquerim beach. This view of the fort and the beach together is a rare and gives you a feeling of heaven on earth. Through these waves you will feel a shower of salty water on your face. This location is hence loved by many of the tourists.

Sinquerim is a Hidden gem of Goa and so is its beach.

The Sinquerim beach has few shacks but these shacks are really good. But the tourists may get many other options over here to eat and drink at Sinquerim beach. The beach is surrounded by Taj Hotels and Big Bunglows. So this place has various expensive resorts for those who can spend a lot. But for those who have a proper budget for the trip have an option too. Even local people of Goa stay here and they also give their Villa’s for rent purpose to the tourists.

Best view of Sinquerim beach can be found from the top of the Aguada fort which is exactly next to it.

What are the attractions of Sinquerim?


The lighthouse at Aguada was built in the year 1864. This fort is the oldest fort in Asia. The lighthouse works well even now. It points a bright light over the sea, this helps in guiding the ships which are at the coastline. Many tourists come here especially to see the AGUADA LIGHTHOUSE.

The Sunburn Festival

The sunburn festival is held in the last week of December. This festival is counted among the top 10 music festivals in Asia. The sunburn festival was started like a mere music event but it grew a lot of crowds and people started liking it even more. Thousands of people love dancing to the electronic music. The alcohol sold here is very cheap. People can buy the tickets for the Sunburn festival but these tickets are little expensive.

Water sports at Sinquerim Beach

There are various water sport activities which are famous to be done at Sinquerim beach. In fact sinquerim beach is the best place for water sports as you find the cheapest Water sports activities to be held here. These activities includes

Banana Boat rides which is done around the coastline of the sinquerim beach. The boat is twisted and the riders are been set inside the middle of the sea wearing their live jackets. Once the adventure is done they are seated back in the boat and also dropped back to the shore of the beach safely.

Normal boat riding also takes place, the boat riders can even see Dolphin sometimes during the boat rides. They also get to see the beautiful fort Aguada.

The tourists also get the water scooters on rent very easily at Sinquerim at the cheapest possible price when compared to the other beaches. You have an option for riding alone.

Para sailing is also famous here.


For the nightlife at Sinquerim, people can go to the shacks for candle light dinner. There is SINQ for all those party animals at Sinquerim.


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