Palolem Beach

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Palolem beach

Palolem beach, is such a peaceful and a beautiful beach in Goa. It is also known as the loneliest beach of Goa. This beach is located in South Goa. This place is also famous for its beauty especially on a full moon night. Palolem beach is surrounded by many coconut palms. It is been counted under one of the favourite holiday destinations among the tourists. This beach has many shacks, restaurants and a serene view. Water sports can also be done here.

What is Palolem Beach famous for?

Palolem beach is famous for its clean water and the sand which is white in colour. People especially come here to see the sunrise or the sunset, because it makes you feel like heaven on earth. The food which you get here is a pure Goa Cuisine, you can even get pizza’s and pasta’s here.  People even go for a boat ride from here in to the middle of the sea, there they get to see those beautiful and rare Dolphins from a closer view. The sea food here is really good and liked by all the sea food lovers. Saturday nights at palolem beach are not to be missed by any chance. The tourists call this beach as the cleanest beach of Goa, it is because of the shiny sand and the clean water it has which enhances the serene beauty of Palolem beach. People even find star fishes at this beach which is very rare. Palolem beach is a commercialised beach but still it is maintained very well. The massage for people probably a good head massage known as the ayurvedic massage is very known here.


Is it worth the distance?

Most of the tourists prefer visiting north Goa and avoid going to the southern part of Goa where Palolem Beach is located. It is sixty kilometres away from Panaji, but it is definitely worth travelling the distance. There is an island near Palolem Beach named as the Butterfly island it is highly recommended for the tourists to visit this island while visiting the Palolem beach.

The visitors can even stay here, as the accommodations in palolem beach have highly improvised whether basic or luxurious, from huts to rooms or hotels, guesthouses or even resorts. The consumption of alcohol at Palolem beach is legal.

How is the crowd here?

Very less number of Indians visit this place, most of the beach is filled by foreigners. The crowd here is pretty good and decent. The atmosphere at the Palolem Beach is very friendly as well as relaxed the visitors are safe here.

What is the peak time for Palolem beach?

The months of December and January are the peak months for this place. Especially the new year’s week, bookings are to be done months prior the given date. This is done in order to avoid hassle later when the bookings get full or expensive.

What things you should never miss at Palolem Beach?

  • There are various things one must never miss at palolem beach, out of that the first one is that one should never miss the sunrise or the sunset at Palolem beach because of its beautiful and peaceful view.
  • A dolphin trip should not be missed.
  • The restaurants serve the Indian thali with a south Indian touch, as we read before. Even the fresh fish which is served here is famous and loved by everyone. It is a must try.

Things todo near Palolem Beach (<50KM):

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