Goa Chitra Museum

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Goa Chitra Museum

Peep into the tradition and lifestyle of Goa, the smallest state of India. Get into Goa Chitra museum which has an enormous collection of over 4000 artefacts that focus on Goa’s traditional agrarian technology and lifestyle.

The famous quote about Goa Chitra in TimeOut Mumbai outlines the real definition of this museum that was founded by the artist cum curator cum restorer Victor Hugo Gomes.

“One of Goa’s most attractions”; “this little rural complex houses thousands of traditional implements, veels and tools that evolved over centuries in the agrarian heartland of Goa in the service of farming and other traditional trades”

Yes, the acquisition here includes local pottery, farming tools, musical instruments, ancient carts and palanquins. An organic farm showcased here carry on the cultivation of various vegetables, herbs, spices, sugarcane and rice.

Explore the Goa Chitra Museum, rated by the Archaeological Survey of India as the topmost contemporary museum in India.


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