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The name itself speaks about this place. This place is full of LOVE, PASSION and KARMA. CLUB LPK GOA is a great place for those who are planning for a wedding in GOA.  If not a wedding but normal parties are also famous at LOVE PASSION KARMA. CLUB LPK GOA has a beautiful and a view which will leave you amazed as it has a view of an old church which is almost 400 year old and it is also in the backdrop view. This club is to be counted among one of the best clubs in Goa.CLUB LPK GOA has a waterfront and this waterfront is the favourite venue for the party people.CLUB LPK GOA is situated on the bank of river Nerul which is in Candolim. CLUB LPK GOA is surrounded by its beautifully sculpted statues of terracotta. These are made up of stones and mud.  

Why is it counted among the best clubs of GOA?

Goa is a full party place, famous for its beautiful beaches and crazy night clubs. Out of all the night clubs out there, CLUB LPK GOA is the best of all. CLUB LPK GOA is even better during the weekends. They all go wild the DJ’s play their best. Being here is a new and a very good experience. This is due to the carvings and sculptures over here which gives a plus point to its ambience.

Over three sides of the CLUB LPK GOA it is surrounded by Water. The construction of CLUB LPK GOA is made up like a cave due to its carvings over the ceilings and the walls. So the structure of this place is just like those times in the history, but the music which the DJ’s play in this club is just the modern music.

Apart from the waterfront area, CLUB LPK GOA has one more area which is the dance floor and this place is extremely loud. There are few people who wish to stay away from the crowd and loud noise of music so they have an option to step out and move on to the deck. Yes, there they can enjoy and chill in the cool breeze in the night.

Crazy moments at LPK GOA

If a single girl goes here she gets a stamp and is given a free drink coupon which means there drinks are free of cost and unlimited too. There are times when you get to see people who could not handle their drinks. You will find People puking in and out of the washroom. People get highly drunk plus the EDM music adds on. You could see bouncers throwing people away due to their drunk behaviour. That is the crazy part at LPK GOA. The tables at LPK GOA gets filled in no time so it is recommended to book a table there. Most of the crowd here is of foreigners and the Indian tourists. They all come here to loosen up themselves and party hard. The party goes on all night.  Yes the party is on till 4 am in the morning. So this place is also included in the celebrity spotting place as many Bollywood actors are spotted here. So over all club LPK GOA is a must go kind of a club. Don’t miss it.



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