Baga Beach

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Baga Beach

Baga is a town where Baga Beach is situated, it is in the northern region of Goa. It is located in Bardez in Goa. Baga beach is the main Beach among all the other Beaches in North Goa. It is just an hour drive from the Margoa station. It is also among the best and one of the favourite places amongst the tourists of Goa, Whether they are Indian or foreigners. It is also known as to be the safest beach in Goa. This is preferred by all those families who come to Goa with their kids, this place is a favourite place for the youth too. Baga creek is also famous here. Thousands of people visit this place on daily basis.

Baga beach and Calangute beach, both these beaches are adjoining to each other. It is like where one beach ends the other one begins.

What are the attractions towards this place?

If you love dolphins and you stay near Baga, then you must visit the beach and definitely go for a dolphin ride. Do you know why Baga is the best beach for Dolphin ride? It is because when you measure from the shoreline of Baga, just with a distance of one or two kilo meters Dolphins are to be found very easily. Watching those beautiful Dolphins adds up as a bonus to your Goa trip. It makes your kids happy, photographers can really click good clicks with their camera’s around their neck and they just need to be ready to click those beautiful Dolphins in its pictures as a memory.

Apart from the banana ride, there are many other things for which Baga Beach is very famous it includes water sports like parasailing, banana rides, boat rides etc.

Many shacks and different kinds of boats were also kept there for shipping. Whenever there is a high tide at the beach, it becomes narrow. Many life guards are available for the tourist’s safety while swimming. The life guards always help the tourists if someone is sinking or if there is a high tide.

What are the other things about Baga beach?

Baga is a tourist favourite place for shopping, tourists can bargain here for the prices of the things they want to buy here. There are many taxis nearby which are easily available. Even buses are made available for travelling to Baga from Calangute or vice versa.

Baga is famous for the fort near it named as Chapora fort.

The people who want to get rid of all those noises they can come to Baga Beach for sure away from all the hustle bustle which are there on other beaches of Goa.

The scene of the Baga beach at Goa is not less than any romantic movie where the subtle sound of those white waves comes when you walk barefoot on that white sand of Baga beach. What a lovely feeling you get when you see your foot prints over the sand.

It is even said that people especially come here to get those salty baths, which they don’t get anywhere else as the wave here are too heavy and people really enjoy it. Most of the Indian crowds come here and enjoy. They even get to see many fire shows at Baga Beach in the night.

Overall, visiting GOA without visiting Baga beach is incomplete.


Things todo near Baga Beach (<50KM):

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