Arambol Beach

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Arambol beach is known as the beach of traditional fishermen. Arambol beach is a beautiful beach in the north Goa. Many international tourists are attracted towards this beach. Hence this beach is more filled by foreigners than the Indian tourists. Most of the foreigners come here during the winter season. The foreign tourists usually come between the months of November and March.

Recently, the craze of Arambol Beach has also increased among the Indian visitors. This is due to the live- music at Arambol or the actual beauty getting maintained.

What do you find here at Arambol beach?

Arambol Beach has many stalls where artificial jewellery is been kept for sale by the local people of Goa. These stalls also include some clothes. There are some shacks and restaurants at this beach. They offer various kinds of drinks whether cocktails or mocktails with some live music. Do u love NATURE? If yes, then this is the apt place for you. In the vicinity of Arambol Beach there is a valley which is a kind of a jungle valley and is to be loved by all those who crave for nature. Photographers should not miss that place. It is also said that the couples find this place to be very romantic. So if you are planning your Goa trip with the love of your life, it is a must for you to visit this place.

What are the events and activities held at Arambol Beach?

Many sports activities includes paragliding and surfing of kites take place. Many other activities for health also take place these activities include meditation and yoga. Dances like Odissi dance and other musical instruments whether western or classical are been played.

There are various festivals which are been held here such as, the Goa contact festival, the juggling convention festival, the tribal dance festival, In touch festival. These events take place in the late January or the beginning of the month of February. At this time, many traders come here to sell their goods and earn some profit.


How is the accommodation at Arambol beach?

This beach did not have major hotels in their vicinity. But due to the local people’s help for the construction of good hotels, accommodation over here has become better and comfortable for the tourists. This includes hotels, guest houses, shacks at the beach etc. The environment is also made friendly by the people as they keep the beach neat and clean without the garbage.

The rates of the rooms available here are also reasonable. They are reasonable as compared to other tourist attractive beaches like Candolim Beach as well as Baga Beach etc.

How are people attracted towards Arambol Beach?

The shore line at Arambol beach has a lot of cafe’s and restaurants. The water at Arambol is clean and the beach is maintained.  As the water at the Arambol beach is fresh water as well as sea water, so it is a mixture of both. You can take a short walk there and you will find a fresh water lake over there. This place is an apt place to chill and relax.

The ministry of Goa tourism has kept life guards for the safety of the tourists. there are many kinds of healing activites which are held at Arambol beach like yoga and meditation. There are some fusion bands who also perform at this beach.

The value of this beach is increasing day by day whether it is about food, rent, or the estate value.  You must visit this place at least once in your life time and you will not regret.







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